Buying a New VW Polo Blue GT?

Polo BlueGTNew VW Polo Blue GT Hatchback – select model and click through to ‘Discounted Price’

Model Engine OTR Price inc VAT Discounted Price
BLUE GT 1.4 TSI ACT BMT 3dr £17,860.00 1.4 TSI BlueGT 3dr
1.4 TSI ACT BMT 5dr £18,490.00 1.4 TSI BlueGT 5dr
1.4 TSI ACT BMT 3dr DSG £19,235.00 1.4 TSI BlueGT 3dr DSG
1.4 TSI ACT BMT 5dr DSG £19,865.00 1.4 TSI BlueGT 5dr DSG

The Polo Blue GT combines sporty look with amazing fuel economy

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