About Us

What’s the big idea?

We believe the process of buying a car should be straightforward and enjoyable. We also believe that currently the best place for you to buy a new car is from a manufacturer approved franchised dealer.

However, a new car dealer in Glasgow is perfectly entitled to sell you a car as well as the dealer in Plymouth – both at different levels of discount. These ‘discounts’ can be £100′s, if not £1000′s, off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

So, we set about devising a simple way to help you get to the best price for your next new car.

Why do I need MyVWPolo?

Each major car manufacturer has over 100 approved dealers spread across the UK. Why should you waste your valuable time and money phoning around to check out availability and prices? It is also quite likely, if you were to do this, you could expect many follow-up calls from dealer sale staff – all eager to know if you are going to buy from them!

Imagine, if there was a quick, simple way that you could contact dealers up and down the UK and get their best price for the car you want to buy. Imagine, also that you didn’t have to give them any of your personal contact details – just get the quotes. Well now you can with MyVWPolo.

Who are you?

The MyVWPolo team like cars and have a vision to simplify the process of buying, selling and owning a car. We are completely independent consumer information service – we do not sell cars, we are not car brokers and do no have any allegiance or preferred relationship with any particular dealer or car manufacturer.

How do you make money?

We have set about devising MyVWPolo so that it’s a great service for customers and equally for dealers. Creating extra sales for dealers, by connecting them to new car buyers from across the UK that would otherwise fall outside the reach of their local advertising and promotions.

New car dealers spend huge amounts of money advertising each year in the hope that someone will respond and buy a car. We only charge the dealer a ‘sales lead generation’ fee if you proceed to discuss your requirements direct with the Dealer.

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